Lake Zone Tourism Expo

It gives us a great pleasure to introduce the first Lakezone Tourism Expo. This is a private regional tourism event that established in Mwanza city and going to be hosted by Lakezone Tourism Expo,2021 which is focusing on promoting Lakezone tourism attractions, business  and investments opportunities and interests of tourism stakeholders  with managing tourism products and services of the regions.

The Expo aim’s to operate at regional and international levels of the purpose to unlock tourism business and investment opportunities, to increase regional economic and open the doors to a new collaboration and partnership opportunities between start-ups and established enterprises to improve the pipeline of tourism business to sustain macro-economic stability of the Lakezone regions.

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The Lakezone Tourism Expo will stands as the umbrella organization representing the Lakezone private tourism and travel industry which can have a long term beneficial effects to discover a unique Lakezone tourism  attractions to win investment, forge agreements and promote international  business cooperation that will contribute to the sound development of tourism and travel industry through improving the quality of services rendered to tourists and travelers with uplifting regional profitability, cooperating and the relevant stakeholders in resolving issues of mutual interest.

The Expo will be a unique tourism platform that established in Mwanza city to sustainable tourism businesses, innovative products and services for development of social, economic and cultural aspects that will accommodate both friendly environments and business investments that will attract hundreds of tourists to visit in Lakezone tourism regions.

The Expo focuses on to provide tourism business networking and connection through business to business (B2B), tourism and travels professionals and expert who can converge and more forward towards common goal-“Connecting Minds, Building the future”.

The Expo  also will covering not only to promote  Lakezone tourism attractions, products and services, but will accommodate both friendly environment for investors, inbound and outbound tourism stakeholders,buyers,suppliers,visitors and travel specialist from all over the World to sell Lakezone tourism zone as a among of the top tourism destination in Tanzania

We look forward to hear from you; meanwhile, I warmly welcome you to the Lakezone Tourism Expo2021.


To become the most preferred partner in the realm of global events and to shape the direction of the Lakezone tourism and travel sector through Marketing, innovating and partnership that aspires to create a meaningful legacy that benefits generation to come


To offer business opportunity, information and sustainable standard of tourism business ethics and respect customs of Tanzania.

We will make it easy you to grow your business opportunities with best buyers and suppliers within the regional and meet with type of customers who are looking for products, services and experiences.

Lakezone tourism Expo is committed to its social responsibility and believes in giving back to the society. In a labour –intensive industry but going beyond and responsible vendors and active support communities in the area.

We execute project inspections with strict environment compliance. For us, cost and quality are two important aspects and we do justice to both in our projects. We follow a systematic, streamline process to execute, monitor and update the status of projects. Minor details are looked into with microscopic view point. As an exhibition stand company in Lakezone regions, we promise to deliver projects within stipulated time.

The Expo will increase tourism awareness and to boost Lakezone tourism attractions, products and services, investment opportunities and to build new business strategies by engaging all Lakezone tourism stakeholders to make their products and services indispensable global brands which offers delighted tastes for users will use up with pleasure in the world.