Picking a choice site

After you have confirmed to attend the event, we make sure that your place a tentative booking for a block of space at the most prominent location shown in the floor plan.Lakezone tourism Expo will usually give you a deadline to confirm your booking and pay a deposit.

Planning payment to the Expo

Official event organizer is the only office whose collect a payment of the event from any exhibitors, buyers, suppliers, visitors or anyone who interested to attend to the event upon the signing of the contract. The deposit can be as high as a 50 percent of the total booth cost. The participants are expected to pay the remaining amount before the date of respective deadline set by the event day.
  • Corporate offices ( Private and Public)
  • Outbound Tour Operators
  • Marketing Services Agency
  • IT/Technology Company
  • Cultural & Heritage Sites
  • Event Management Company
  • Car Rental/Hire
  • Camping/Caravans
  • Local and International Airlines
  • Software Solutions
  • VIP Inbound and Outbound
  • Suppliers and Services
  • Buyers and Suppliers
  • Exhibitors and Press & bloggers
  • Trade Association
  • Tour Operators& Travel Agencies
  • Hotels and Lodges
  • Social Media ( Radios & Television)
  • Private Gaming  Reserve
  • International embassy offices
  • Regional Tourism Organizations
  • Travel & Tourism Specialist
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Tourist Attraction & Entertainment
  • Theme Parks
  • Mobile phone’s companies
  • Air Tickets agencies
  • Insurance companies & brokers
  • Professional Conference Organizers