1st Day: Welcome special guest and Expo open ceremony

Exhibition, B2B opportunities and investment, Artisan market, Cultural extravaganza of traditional dances performances and artistic tradition from the past, present and future and Bongoflava.

2nd Day: Tourism technologies, market, innovations and entrepreneurships

Entertainment, Cultural and religious diversity and performing artists of traditional dances & food.

3rd Day: Expo business dialogue, training, One on One interview, trade-connected

Excellent awards for winners, Hotel & lodges showcases, cultural Performances, Dine& Wine parties (cocktail), VIP Dinners and after parties

To be eventing professional, we have seven (7) technical strategies elements for an exceptional eventing business set up for Lakezone tourism Expo: The expo knowledge programme which includes: 

  1. Creativity and Innovation Strategies: More countless business opportunities, tourism marketing and advanced technologies’ trends.
  2. Expo Business Dialogue: we create the intimate environment to meet preferred Of buyers, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors.
  3. Expo Social Hub: We will make it the social hall of fame to post you’re advertise,Shake it and tweet it.
  4. Expo Empower Team: we will blend the team building and networking, fun activities to ensure that you shake hand with industry stalwarts’
  5. Expo Excellence Awards: We will organize honoring exhibitors, buyers and Suppliers awards for winners.
  6. Expo Happy Hours : we will forge on the one to one meeting table for cocktails Parties.
  7. Education which includes:

-Seminars, Workshops and Research Services,

-Social media channels training & Business consultations.

-Human services responsible training